Tuesday, May 29, 2012

. We returned to the Philippines after a wonderful stay in Fruita Co. Fredda and I are working with our Manila Mission office called AGMF for Assembly of God Missionary Fellowship. This office helps facilitate our missionaries in their many ministries. There is a wonderful guest house with 3 fully furnished rooms. We are the temporary Business Administrators for a year then we return to Leyte to continue planting churches.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Net Center just hosted a CHURCH PLANTING seminar on the theme of Equipping every member to do the work of the ministry. The attendance and response was wonderful!

We were invited to share at a Family Health outreach and over 500 were in attendance! A challenge was given for those who wanted experience the "new birth" and about 100 raised their hands to pray! This outreach was at the Borongan Christian Family Center Church (CFC) that we helped plant. Please pray because there is a CFC "out station" of 50 families that want to form another church. They have a member who is offering property for $1300 to build a church.This would be a grand daughter church!

Monday, September 20, 2010

It has been a while since last post! Fredda and I(Mark) are working with Christian and Bridget Summers to start training church planters in the heart of the Waray waray people. Net Center has been repaired and upgraded to accommodate the first class of new church planters. Twenty people indicated their desire to attend the first session. Please pray for the extra finances involved. "God is able" and He meets us each step we take to expand His Kingdom! Blessings.. Mark and Fredda

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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Mark and Fredda Alston have been missionaries to the Philippines since 1986. Church planting networking with short term teams (STM) is a primary focus. Eastern Samar Waraywarays, an unreached people group, is the main target. A number of churches have been planted among these people who live in far flung island villages in Samar and Leyte. Hundreds of responsive island villages have yet to be reached, therefore teams of short term missionaries are still needed. Planting churches and cells of believers is the most effective method to reach these tropical islands. All teams are involved in church planting though other tasks are under taken such as medical clinics, building, rallies and other ministry vacilitating evangelism. Net Center is a short term fast tract training facility located in the heart of these islands near one of the ends of the earth. The Center trains nationals in their own cultural locale to plant and pastor new churches.

San Pablo Pastor's Retreat

- A small isle off shore from Leyte.
- Pastor's retreat and picnics
- Beautiful blue water, white sand and friendly people.
- For foodies it was interesting and exotic fare.
Parrot fish, Monk fish and other sea food soup called "tinola", made with fresh fish and leaves from a local tree that resembles clover, ginger, tammarind, tomatoes, and onions. Very fresh and tasty.
Another exotic delicacy, "Kinilao", a type of Filipino sushi, also was made with fresh raw fish, coconut vinegar, and onions. Many like the "kinilao" better than Japanee sushi. Other fish such as Parrot fish, Monk fish and several other small varieties were grilled and served on plates made from banana leaves and eaten with the hands.

Bayanihan Building Project

A team of 18 people from Scottsdale, Arizona came to Romblon Island to build a church building.
Romblon is famous for it's marble mining an marble products, but even more famous for "Boracay", a white sand tropical paradise.
Although the conditions were not paradise like for the team,( hot, humid weather, long bumpy rides in jeepneys and many other difficulties during the trip), the mission was accomplished as planned. More than a 1000 responded to the Gospel Message and a building was built.
Here are just some of the more than 1000 people that responded to the Gospel message.

Here are the Scottsdale Team members along with Pastor Mark Alston, in front of the nearly completed building. With everyone lending a helping hand the new building will be completed soon.
Everyone is working together to help build the new building, members from the local as well as members from other churches.

Leading kids to CHRIST
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Aussie missionary surfer
Wayne Downey

We would like to reach Leyte-Samar Surf Culture.
Would you like to come as a short-term missionary to the surfers?

E-News Letter August 2006


The Philippines consists of about 7500 islands. Fredda and I work on the islands of Samar and Leyte. The fourth and fifth largest. Last Easter, we were invited to preach the Easter service, on a far flung island village near the abyss called the Philippine Trench. The pastor is a young woman named Vicky who pioneered the fellowship. A true heroine of the faith. It was a privilege to go there but we had no clue the whole service would be in the water! The tide had come in and the outer island where we had celebrated Easter was under water! The rice and fish was cooked with coconut charcoal in the trees! The song service and preaching was conducted standing in the salty water! This did not stop the hungry believers from responding to the Good News of Christ's Resurrection and abolition of death. A spirit of rejoicing prevailed in spite of the water!


Fredda and I have been invited to preach several sectional fellowships.God gave us a message titled Abraham,Isaac and Agnes. About how God used these to be a blessing to many millions. A challenge to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was given to each fellowship and many rushed forward and were filled and begin to pray in other languages. Our churches are going so fast and many have not received the fullness of the Holy Spirit yet. It was such a blessing to witness God's outpouring!


Many in the service industry in Vegas are from the Philippines.We were in the US to see Fredda's Dad who is 91 and ill. The pastor we helped sponsor asked us to share at his new church in Las Vegas. Many came to Christ that day in the service. One was from where we live here in the Philippines,Tacloban! What a God we serve who knows where we are!!

Monday, October 31, 2005

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